10 IT Resolutions for 2020

10 IT Resolutions for 2020

Our team put their heads together to come up with ten IT resolutions we would make for our clients and their staffs. These are good, common-sense resolutions that anyone with a computer can take to heart.

We wish you all a very happy holiday and a happy technology New Year.

  1. I resolve to store my files on the server instead of on my workstation or laptop. That way they will get backed up and I can be confident that I can recover my file or files in a disaster situation.
  2. I resolve to reboot my computer at least once a week, whether it needs it or not.
  3. I resolve to verbally verify email requests to transfer funds via wire or purchase gift cards. I will be a warrior against spam and spyware
  4. I resolve to confirm that the email address of the name in the “from” email field matches what I would expect from my coworker. (John Doe does not use someone@hotmail.com to send emails to me)
  5. I resolve to keep personal, security-risk information, like passwords and bank account numbers, out of my email/text correspondence. I will use the telephone to directly contact and verify that my information is being given to the appropriate, approved individuals.
  6. I resolve to treat my passwords like my underwear. Change them often, don’t leave them on my desk, and don’t share them with anyone!
  7. I resolve to not put sensitive company information on social media!
  8. I resolve to add a passcode to my cell phone.
  9. I resolved to patch and update my home (personal)computer to protect my corporate computer when I use the VPN or remote into the corporate network.
  10. I resolve to call Focus Data Solutions if something just looks/acts/seems squirrelly. “My machine never did that before!” could be a sign that something needs to be looked at by your support staff.

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