5 Small Business Objections to Backup and Malware

5 Small Business Objections to Backup and Malware

We just had another one.  A member of our sales team comes with head hung low to discuss a potential client that wants to “skip” backup.  I’ve resorted to banging my head on the desk.  With alarming frequency, we meet small business owners who believe they are “too small” to need backup or even the most rudimentary of malware or security protection. These are the top five objections we hear from small business owners when discussing backup and security.

We’re a small business.  

Size really doesn’t matter!  How much would it cost your business if your data was lost?  A few days without that data, or the loss of productivity while recreating everything, or worse, losing your clients’ trust, are expensive. Backup recovery is for all business, not just large corporations.

No one wants our information. Our data isn’t valuable.

Really? Small businesses are prime targets for hackers because they usually don’t have security.  Do you store credit card numbers, names, addresses, or birthdates?  All of that is gold to a hacker looking to trade in identify theft.

We don’t have that much data.

But that data is important, right? An effective backup/security solution will get you up and running in hours versus, possibly, days or weeks.

Back up is too expensive.

See #1 above.  If I’m choosing between backup and my next marketing piece, I’m going with backup.  The cost of an effective backup system is far less that the cost of not having it.

We don’t need your backup solution.  We have (insert off shelf product here). 

Off-the-shelf may be cheaper.  However empowering your IT team to monitor your backup, insure its schedule and completion, and get you back up and running, is an investment that leads to an effective IT/client relationship

It’s time to embrace your inner business owner.  Review your IT backup and security systems with the above thoughts in mind.  A reputable IT firm will help you select services that protect your computers and your business in a way that is right for you and your company.