FDS 20th Anniversary

Celebrating Twenty Years and Counting

To mark Focus Data Solutions’ 20th year in business, Page and I reflected on the ideas we had when we launched the company. We started in a whirlwind of opportunity and serendipity. Very little was standard, or the way business experts said we should do it. One of the things we did do was establish the core principles that have driven us for twenty years.

Family First

Work can swallow you in the Washington DC area. Page and I experienced that as working professionals with an infant in 2001. Our first Focus Data Solutions’ rule was that we would put family first. Always. For every employee. We have honored that throughout our time in business. Page never missed a lacrosse game. Dean goes to baseball practice. We give generous time for family emergencies. School concerts and college move-ins come first. Health and safety are paramount.

Our Team

Our Focus Data Solutions team is everything to us and to our success. One of our guiding principles is “Unlock the full potential of the Focus Data Solutions’ Team.” We want to offer a workplace and an environment where everyone can excel and reach their personal and professional goals. It is not always easy. Yet, it is always the goal.


We established three core values for Focus Data Solutions: trust, communication, and collaboration. Our time in business has shown us that each of those tenets, taken together, create good outcomes. Our decisions are stronger. Our actions are decisive. Our relationships are respectful and meaningful. The Focus Data Solutions’ team shares these core values with each new employee and client. They guide us in everything we do.

Client Relationships

The moniker Quarterly Partner Reviews (QPRs) is purposeful. Our aim is to partner with our clients to deliver the best service and experience possible. As partners, we have common interests and goals that we reach together. “Vendor” relationships seem transactional. In twenty years, we have found our most fulfilling work has been with clients that are happy to be a part of a partnership relationship. To those of you who have been with us since the beginning, a very special thank you.


Focus Data Solutions is an Alexandria, VA company. We are keenly aware of the support and encouragement we have received from our friends and our business community. Our success is due in part to the many people and organizations who have helped along the way. (thank you ChamberALX, Alexandria SBDC, AEDP, and so many special people) We will continue to show our gratitude and our commitment to Alexandria in the years to come. Whether with time, talent, or treasure, we recommit ourselves to continuing our involvement in this amazing community.

Our thanks to everyone who has helped us achieve this milestone. We are eager to see what comes next.