IT Strategy & Consulting

We create and implement IT strategies for your business that drive growth, keep costs down and eliminate unnecessary software and hardware.

IT Strategy and Consulting Services

These services can be added to our base IT Essentials package

Focus Review

Organizations of all sizes rely on accurate IT network assessments to drive their IT decision. Do you want a complete picture of your IT network and its capabilities? Our Focus Review offers you a full analysis of your network and computer equipment.  Our CIO level review offers:

  • An IT risk report
  • IT equipment and inventory reporting
  • Staffing assessment
  • Budget review
  • IT and communication expense audit
  • Network diagrams
  • Asset detail report
  • Password strength analysis
  • Security update report
  • Network security testing

Network Strategy and Design

Our expert IT team designs and implements the right IT network to help you build and grow your business.  We’re your IT partner in all IT and communication related decisions.

Office Relocation

Moving offices?  Make Focus Data Solutions your first call.  We help you plan your new office space with the right infrastructure and data services, and help you move your IT infrastructure safely so that your first day in your new office is productive.

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