IT Security

We secure your network against the growing threat of cybercrime.  In addition to our IT Essentials, we will monitor your operating systems and ensure the security of your network. Let us be your guard at the gate for all your IT security needs.

IT Security Services

These services can be added to our base IT Essentials package

Focus Shield Risk Assessment

A thorough risk assessment is the first step to creating a cybersecurity plan for your business.  Our team will assess the threats to your existing network and work with you to develop a cybersecurity plan that fits your business.

Focus Shield: Protecting your IT from Disaster

Cybersecurity is a must for businesses of all sizes.  Focus Shield offers vulnerability assessments, 24/7 monitoring and threat detection to identify and halt cyberattacks perpetrated against your network. Detection, combined with an effective malware, antivirus and spam filtering solution, will help to guard your most valuable technology and data.

Focus Protect

We prevent anti-virus and malware before it happens.  This anti-virus and malware service stops malware, halts botnets, and isolates infected machines to keep your network safe and running smoothly.

Encrypted Email

Traditional email is inherently unsecure.  With our encrypted email solution, business critical information is delivered securely and confidently.

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