Power Up in A Remote World

Power Up in A Remote World

When COVID took hold in early March, everyone ran home to work. The Focus Data Solutions crew went to DEFCON 1.  We helped 40+ client teams to transition to a remote work environment in about one work week. How were we able to do this so quickly? Largely because you have trusted us with your IT infrastructure and the right pieces were in place.

Acknowledging that remote work is here to stay, Focus Data Solutions is requiring the addition of managed power devices on all client networks beginning in the fall. The benefit of this tool is that it enables our team to power cycle servers and complete networks without conducting an onsite visit. We consider these devices to be a safety measure for everyone. The managed power devices will also help our team reboot servers after power outages or upgrades. We have installed this device on several client networks pre-COVID and they have been a game changer for responsiveness, server up time and convenience.

Managed power devices are one more way the Focus Data Solutions team can strategically manage your network in these challenging times. Our client services team will call upon you in the coming weeks to discuss this new network tool and its benefits for your network. If you would like to move forward, feel free to contact Page Moon at page@focusdatasolutions.com.

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