Cyber Resiliency

It’s impossible to ignore the number of cyberattacks taking place in today’s business world. Everyone is vulnerable to attack. It’s vital to take proactive security measures to protect yourself, your team, and your company from cybercriminals. Focus Data Solutions security services helps you address threats, provides proactive protection, and helps you train your team to help prevent cyberattacks upon your business.

Solutions First includes the Focus Shield Security Stack. Your team is protected 24/7 with a strong suite of security tools to guard against cybercriminals and data threats.

Focus Shield Advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence Managed Security Services include:

  • 24/7/365 security event monitoring
  • Incident detection and response
  • Security event automation
  • Daily/continuous log review
  • Monthly trend analysis review
  • 24/7/365 threat intelligence monitoring

Focus Shield Zero Trust Application Whitelisting

Focus Shield Zero Trust Application Whitelisting services are available to you once you become a Solutions First partner.

Application Whitelisting protects your organization from viruses, ransomware, and other malicious software by restricting control over what software, scripts, executable files, and libraries can run on your computers and servers. This service includes Ringfencing to control what software can run on your network, helping to control “shadow IT” from evolving within your organization.

Security Awareness Training

Security software solutions are only a first line defense against cybercrime. Your staff may be the biggest threat to your IT security. An untrained team member may inadvertently click a link in a phishing email or open a file that shares dangerous malware onto your computer network. Focus Shield Security Awareness Training is tailored to your staff. It is the a la carte service you need for your team’s complete IT security.

Security Awareness Training

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication service helps you meet cyber insurance policy requirements while protecting your valuable IT investments.

If your staff is working remotely or in a hybrid situation, multi-factor authentication is a “must-do” service. This two-verification factor security method is a strong tool to protect your Office 365, VPN connections and sensitive user accounts from bad actors hoping to steal your data. Add this protection to your existing Solutions First services for an added layer of security.