IT Strategy

IT Strategy is a key element of our Solutions First managed services program. You want the right IT solutions for today’s business goals and tomorrow’s challenges. Your team will appreciate the client service, monthly reports and Quarterly Partner Reviews that ensure that they have what they need to meet and exceed any milestone.

Quarterly Partner Reviews

An important part of the Solutions First managed services program is the Quarterly Partner Review.

Client Account Managers schedule these consultative discussions with you to provide full transparency with reports to strengthen the collaborative partnership and improve your overall experience. The QPR includes a review of your company’s IT strategy, and a discussion about service matters or any upcoming projects or equipment requirements.

A key element of these quarterly discussions is an update on cyber security. Adopting new security postures is essential to ongoing security. You will review your existing security systems and their effectiveness and receive recommendations for solutions to further protect your organization.

Information Technology Inventory Management

Solutions First includes a robust inventory management program. Your will receive reports on all your dispersed IT assets, helping you to optimize spending, support lifecycle management and strategic decision making withing your IT environment.

A La Carte IT Strategy Services

If you’re just starting in a new organization or need a thorough review of your current IT position, these CIO led assessments offer an evaluation of the status, effectiveness, reliability, and security of your company’s IT services, infrastructure and staff at a specific moment in time.

Let us help you make strategic IT decisions by partnering with us on one or more of these opportunities:

Complete IT Network/Department Assessments

Have you just started with a new organization? Has it been years since you’ve had an objective review of your IT? New CEO’s or company leadership often request comprehensive IT assessments to get an in depth look at the current IT situation. Comprehensive IT assessments may include an overview of the current network and computer systems, an analysis of the operational function and capacity of the IT department, an expense to benefit cost analysis, a security review and penetration test, a risk assessment, equipment inventory/asset summary, network map and a recommendations report.

IT Budgeting Evaluation

Many experienced business leaders feel uncertain evaluating IT budgets, especially when it comes to employment, hardware and software, and insurance expenses.

A thorough financial assessment, including a review of your key contracts and service bills, may find duplicative and unnecessary expenses across departments, identify vendor services for renegotiation, or areas where fees may be reduced or eliminated.

Security Assessments

Can your network security prevent or stop malicious attacks? Focus Data Solutions’ annual security assessment and penetration test is crucial to your IT security and to educating team members about electronic break-ins from malicious entities. These tests serve to examine an organization’s policies and whether they are genuinely effective against cybercrime.

IT Team Assessments

Do you need guidance to make strategic employment decisions and evaluate your current IT staff? IT Team Assessments offer experienced insights to inform critical decisions about outsourcing and evaluating staffing expenses with CIO level guidance. This is a great resource if you’re considering co-management scenarios, especially for fast growing organizations.

Process Assessment

Get a second opinion about your current IT hardware, software, or policy initiatives. Gain valuable insights and innovative ideas to help lead, manage, and secure their networks for efficiency and productivity.


Your company needs to meet ever changing compliance and regulatory demands. Whether for your cyber insurance or a client’s security protocols, our compliance review and reporting services helps to identify and exceed compliance requirements.