A “Must Do” Addition to Solutions First

Did you know that at least 31% of your staff are at risk of clicking a phishing email, introducing havoc on your network? No matter how many security products or IT policies you put in place, one wrong click may open your network to attack. Increase your staff’s IT security IQ and lower your insurance rates by adding security awareness training to your Solutions First Security Plan.

Focus Shield Security Awareness Training leverages:

  • Randomized simulated phishing attack tests
  • Customized security awareness training videos
  • Interactive training modules
  • Trivia games and interactive quizzes

These services are customized to your team and are provided on a remote, learn-as-you-go basis. We will track users and report on their progress through use assessments. 

Empower your team to protect your network while helping to manage cyber liability insurance requirements and premiums.