Not experiencing any cyber-attacks or downtime?

That’s great, but unless you are receiving a quarterly report from your provider, can you be sure the band-aid isn’t getting ready to fall off?

Every IT provider promises worry-free service that will safeguard your IT. How can you be certain that their solutions are giving you the right security and protection to defend your network?

Why do we provide complimentary assessments?

So that you can experience how Focus Data Solutions’ proactive IT management, delivered with strategic advice, expertise and superior response time, we will help remove those band-aids and put your network on a path to wellness.

Why be uncertain any longer? Get a second opinion about your network and its vulnerabilities today. We guarantee we will find something about your network you didn’t know.

Protecting Your Company from Cybercrime - Cybercrime Prevention Tips

How do you begin?

1. Complete the registration form or call our office at 703-836-0080.
2. We will contact you to gather information and to answer any questions.
3. We will send a non-disclosure agreement assuring you that this process is private and meant for your eyes only.
4. You will receive a link, via email, to run the assessment on your device. The scan will NOT disrupt your work.

Our assessment will reveal if:

  • Your IT systems are vulnerable to hackers, viruses and angry employees.
  • Your employees are using easy-to-crack passwords that jeopardize the network.
  • Your antivirus is missing or broken.
  • There are vulnerable ports on your workstations or firewalls.
  • Your staff is sending unencrypted data via email or file-sharing.

What happens next?

  • After 3 business days, the results of the scan will be ready to present.
  • We will coordinate a day to meet with you and your team.
  • We will share the findings and propose solutions to mitigate the flagged areas.
  • Then it’s up to you!