Traveling? Four Tips to Access Your Company’s VPN

Traveling? Four Tips to Access Your Company’s VPN

David Okocha, IT Specialist, Focus Data Solutions

For those who travel for work, accessing a hotel’s WIFI is usually a simple process. But, connecting to your corporate VPN can be a very different matter.

Some hotels discourage guests from connecting to corporate VPN’s. Why? It’s as simple as the property doesn’t want to manage the technical challenges that some guests encounter. Other hotels require guests to use a premium Wi-Fi package that requires payment to offset connectivity fees. Sometimes it’s as simple as the hotel does not want to invest in the equipment to support VP. Many hotels restrict premium service in conference rooms. Traveling out of the country? Some foreign-based hotels prevent VPN access due to government-imposed restrictions.

Taking the time to verify some information and make a few preparations may help you access your VPN during your travels. Here are four suggestions for your pre-travel prep.

  • Select hotel properties that support VPN. Call ahead and ask to speak to the hotel’s IT manager. The manager should be able to confirm what type of WIFI services the hotel offers and if VPN access is permitted.
  • Verify your VPN access before you leave. Talk to your IT support team before you travel to ensure that your VPN works from outside the office.
  • Travel with two connectivity options. In addition to the hotel WIFI, travel with a cellular hotspot as a backup connection if VPN access is critical.
  • Keep your IT support service contact information close by. While you may not be able to get to the VPN, your IT Help Desk may be able to help you remotely.

There will be travel situations when you cannot access WIFI. However, a little preparation before you travel may help you stay connected and in the loop with the home office.

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