Welcome Paul McClure, Business Development Manager

Welcome to Paul McClure, Focus Data Solutions’ new Business Development Manager. Paul comes to us from Procession Systems in Reston, VA where he worked as a business development representative, account manager and operations manager.

Paul will focus on introducing prospective clients to our Solutions First managed service program. We are excited to have a full-time team member dedicated to this outreach. He will start by reinvigorating our referral program to meet great people interested in IT services. If you would like to help with an introduction or referral, please give Paul a call or email him at pmcclure@focusdatasolutions.com

Here is a little about Paul, in his own words:

Where are you from?

I am a local Alexandrian, born and raised. I attended St. Mary’s Pre-K through 8th grade, went to West Potomac High School, and even stayed (fairly) local for college attending the University of Mary Washington down in Fredericksburg, VA where I majored in Business Administration and minored in Business Spanish and also played on the Varsity baseball team for all 4 years. I am currently residing in Washington, DC over by Union Market.

What led you into sales?

I enjoy talking to people and forming meaningful connections with them; learning about their background and how they got to where they are now. I also enjoy the fact that sales forces you to be quick on your feet responding to different scenarios as the conversations can go in several different directions. No one sale is ever the same. They all have their unique aspects that make them special.

What’s interesting about virtual sales in this new world we live in?

The fact that selling virtually, especially services, is a newer phenomenon that everyone must deal with right now is interesting. Coming up with new ways to gain the attention of the end customer outside of conventional methods such as meet and greets, networking happy hours, or even door to door sales, and not being able to “force an introduction”, can seem like a draw back. The good news is that everyone is on an even playing field right now. We are all trying to come up with techniques and virtual campaigns that entice and capture the audience. These ideas will give someone the leg up on the competition. I am excited to see what the responses are to my initial campaigns and continue to tweak my messaging in a way that proves successful.

What excites you about your new role at Focus Data Solutions?

I think the part that excites me the most is the work that Focus Data has already put in to build up its current clientele and the commitment that is shown to each one over 19 years. It is hard to find companies that create such a meaningful relationship with their customers and the community; with nearly a dozen companies being with us for over 10 years as well as having 77% of our clients headquartered in the immediate area. I am looking forward to expanding the reach of our services to the greater DC/NOVA area and coming up with innovative solutions on how to get companies interested virtually.

What is your favorite pandemic past time?

The short answer is anything outdoors. I have been fortunate enough to have a turf field and tennis courts within walking distance of me in DC. My roommate and I were playing a lot of tennis and soccer as well as going on runs to the Mall during the beginning of the lockdown. As things started to open back up, my local Adult league baseball team was able to start back up, so it has been nice to get out onto the diamond and interact with my teammates as well as have some friendly competition.

The thing I am most proud of though, during the pandemic, was the fact that I was able to take advantage of my time between jobs. I spent 7 days (about 70 miles) hiking the Appalachian trail in Virginia by myself. An awarding experience that I am glad I had the opportunity to take on.