What’s Coming Next? A Regulatory Update.

What’s Coming Next? A Regulatory Update.

A recent survey of small businesses indicates significant concerns about the regulatory climate and its effect on business growth and hiring. More than 750 small retailers responded to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation in December and January, which was released last week. Seventy-five percent of those surveyed believe government regulation has increased, two-thirds feel the cost of regulation is going up, and 76 percent indicated that regulatory uncertainty makes growing their business more difficult.  TECHPol has been following federal regulatory activity to keep businesses abreast of what to expect, and we agree that it’s a lot to digest.  We created a chart to show you where things stand on some of the new rules in the pipeline.  We’ve also listed relevant blog posts if you need a refresher on some of the government’s plans.

Federal Regulations Update:
Regulation Refresher:
TECHPol has written several blog posts related to regulatory proposals that may affect your business.  If you want more details about the whys and wherefore of the government’s actions, click on a topic:

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