Why Outsource your IT in a COVID World?

Why Outsource your IT in a COVID World?

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a world that is almost unrecognizable. Many are working from home or remote locations. The structure and resources of an established office are being reimagined in different ways for a remote workforce. Successfully managed IT is even more important as we all use technology to connect with staff, complete work and maintain important business and social connections.

How will these technological needs be met? Given our remote world, 24/7 IT management and support are crucial. Security is paramount as hackers try to take advantage of lax security protocols to do harm or gain advantage via VPN or remote access.

Outsourced IT may provide answers and stress relief in a COVID business world. Additional hands, or new hands, to help manage growing IT demands is worth considering as we prepare for what may be a long tenure at home or in distant locations. What are some of the advantages of this model for your business?

You know what you are getting.

Managed service providers (MSPs) offer a defined set of IT services on a contractual basis. These services address a wide range of IT functions such as help desk for your team, security, network monitoring, backup, recovery, and email hosting.

Managed services models are proactive.

Outsourced managed services is not an insurance policy that you pay for in case something goes wrong. When you work with an MSP the team creates strategies and procedures to manage systems properly and adjusts to avoid issues or downtime.

Emergency Assistance is readily available in a COVID world.

The occasional technological hiccups are inevitable. During COVID, many offices are shuttered or only partially staffed. A managed services program provides a constant source of remote or onsite assistance if a problem arises. A server may be rebooted remotely, constant security monitoring may stop a potential hacker and a 24/7 call center may help an on-deadline staff person in need. []

Keep your staff remotely productive.

Are you, or someone in your company, serving as a remote de-facto help desk to your far-flung staff? Successful companies need their staff to focus on their jobs. When technology is slow or not functioning, employees are idle and likely frustrated. Remotely, they may walk away from their computers entirely. Companies that rely on a limited IT department, a break-fix strategy, or a tech-as-hobby employee will see productivity decline. Proactive IT strategy that incorporates continual monitoring, updating, and adjusting maximizes productivity.

Reduce your stress level.

We could all use a little peace of mind right now. An outsourced IT solution can help remove one worry in this crazy world we live in. Having a team of experts on-call 24/7 is comforting. Since the business of a managed services firm is to solve technology challenges, clients benefit from MSP’s knowledge of best practices, their experience solving tech issues and the insights gained from working with a broad range of businesses.

Stretch your IT Investment

We are all stretching resources in these economically challenging times. Hiring IT staff may be too expensive. There are recruiting, salary, training, benefits, and resource expenses. (e.g., remote workspaces, phone plans, supplies). Contracting with an MSP to meet technology needs offers technology experts at an affordable rate. Budgeting for IT is more predictable with a managed services contract as well.

The good news is there are options. For businesses who determine that an outsourced IT solution may be the best course to follow, see our tips to consider when hiring an IT vendor. Or, give us a call to learn more about outsourcing your IT.


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