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Way to go FDS!!! My computer was running so slow that it was driving me crazy. I called and asked Delonte to look at it while I was away from my desk for a meeting. Thankfully, he said he would submit a ticket and check it out. When I got back it was still running slow so I called back because I had not seen an email that the work had been done. Well, let me correct that, I had not checked to see if I received an email if the work had been done. All I know is that I wanted my computer fixed. Amanda answers the phone and very politely (and with great patience) suggested that I restart my computer. Which is when I noticed that Parsa had checked my computer, did what needed to be done and had send an email to suggest I restart my computer, which is now working much better.

Thank you, FDS Team, for taking the time to listen, fix and hold my hand as I got my computer back online. You are a great company and I am so glad to see the level of service you are providing is top notch!!


VP of International Programs
International Trade Association


Business Operations/Security Specialist
Government Contractor

FDS far exceeds my expectations as an IT service provider every time I need assistance; this time included. I have never experienced such responsive, professional, and effective IT support as I do with FDS. This ticket was resolved quickly by Haider and his customer-centric approach was greatly appreciated. It’s one thing to be able to resolve IT issues; it’s quite another to be able to do so while being personable and efficient. I’ve found that to be rare in the IT world of work but I’ve always experienced that type of approach from FDS. Terrific work, as always!

I cannot imagine using any other IT support than yours. I rate you 5 stars+++. Thank you so much for being there for us!


Director of Finance
National Trade Association