Four Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Cyber Threat Monitoring

Four Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Cyber Threat Monitoring

If you haven’t already decided for yourself that cybersecurity is important for even the smallest businesses, let me restate a few facts shared by the hashedout blog at the

  • Verizon’s Data Breach Investigation Report states that almost half of all data breach occurred at small businesses.
  • There was a 424% increase in new breaches of small business in 2018 (4iQ – 2019 Identity Breach Report)
  • Most small businesses (54%) believe their companies are too small to be targets.
  • Juniper Research states that small businesses spend, on average, $500 per year on cybersecurity, making these organizations very, very attractive targets for cyber-criminals who recognize small business typically do not strategically invest in security.

Yes, small business. You are at risk for a cyber security breach.

Firewalls, security rules, malware and anti-virus protection aren’t enough. Stopping the threat before the damage is one of the best ways to prevent a possible data breach. Cyber threat monitoring is one tool that should be considered for your cybersecurity plan.

A cyber threat monitoring system looks for suspicious traffic patterns in your business transmissions. If the system identifies a potential threat, it can shut down the traffic and stop the attack. This type of system can shut down a network threat and can be installed on individual computers so that remote and traveling employees are protected. It’s one way your business proactively manages cyber threats.

Cyber Threat Monitoring offers small businesses multiple tools, including vulnerability scanning and user behavior analytics.

It’s time to talk to your IT provider about cyber threat monitoring. For Focus Data Solutions clients, contact our team to learn more about Focus Shield and how it can protect your network. As small businesses, we owe it to our clients, vendors and staff to protect our systems and the data they contain.

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