IT Essentials

IT Essentials are the IT basics for which all businesses should have support. From equipping you with office standards like Microsoft Office 365, monitoring your networks, and antivirus management, we’ve got you covered. It all starts with Solutions First!

Solutions First

The Solution for Effective IT Management

Solutions First is a proactive, 24/7 IT management program designed to increase network uptime and staff productivity. Our comprehensive program emphasizes best practices while fostering strong communication and collaboration with your team.  Our Quarterly Partner Review, a hallmark of the Focus Data Solutions philosophy, strengthens our partnership with you and helps to ensure that our service meets your business’ needs. To learn more about some of the elements of our Solutions First program, see below.

24/7 network monitoring, analysis and escalation: Detect and respond to network intrusions in real-time

Onsite support

Remote help desk support

Spyware removal: Prevent spyware from gathering information or gaining control of your devices

Back up and disaster recovery: Recover your information after a disaster and back it up to prevent future data loss

Service Pack Installation: Implement software updates so that your network is always up-to-date

Early warning and preventative alerts from hardware, disk and ups Systems: Ensure the care of physical systems

Early warning and preventative alerts from window, active directory: Manage your network data

24/7 Emergency services

Anti-virus: Detect, remove, and prevent viruses from entering your network

Patch management: Improve your operating systems quickly and efficiently

Security monitoring and alerting: Protect your network from external and internal attacks

Account management: Customize and remove user accounts as your team changes

Software and Inventory Reporting: Keep track of your software and inventory

Network strategy and system design: Analyze your existing networks and reorganize them for maximum efficiency

Firewall and security systems management: Monitor your network and eliminate downtime due to misconfigured firewalls

In addition to our IT Essentials, we offer Microsoft Office 365, Office 365 Back Up, and many IT Security and IT Strategy & Consulting services that can help you grow and protect your business.

Need the Essentials?