IT Strategy

Focus Review network assessment offers a full analysis of your network and computer equipment so that you can make accurate IT network assessments and decisions.

Focus Review

These are additional services on top of our base IT Essentials package.

IT Risk Report: We come up with a plan to help minimize risks and threats within your network.

IT Software, Equipment, and Inventory Reporting: We inventory your office equipment to ensure you are not wasting any resources.

Staffing Assessment: We assess your staff’s IT usage and create a game plan specific to your business.

Budget Review: We review your IT budget and help determine areas in which your business could save money.

IT and Communication Expense Audit: We will audit your IT and communications expenses and identify areas where you could save.

Network Diagrams: We map out your computer networks for maximum efficiency.

Asset Detail Report: We provide you with a report of all of your IT assets to make sure you are utilizing all of your resources.

Password Strength Analysis: We identify and fix weak passwords to prevent hacking and malware.

Security Update Report: We provide you with security reports so that you can see how your network is performing.

Network Security Testing: We regularly test your network to ensure it is secure.

Network Strategy and Design

Our expert IT team designs and implements the right IT network for your business. We build networks in a way that is scalable so that as your business grows, so can your IT.

Office Relocation

If you’re moving offices, we help you plan your new office space with the right infrastructure and data services, as well as help you move your IT infrastructure safely so that your first day in your new offices is productive.

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