What to Expect When You’re Expecting…. A New Computer

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…. A New Computer

Getting a new computer is a lot like getting a new car. When you buy a new car, the cup holders are never in the same place, the windshield wipers work a little differently and the air conditioning has a new unrecognizable button. It takes a little time to learn your new car. The experience is similar with a new computer.

I just received a new computer. To brag just a little, it was one of the most seamless transitions I’ve experienced. Our Focus Data Solutions team used our process to help me switch to the new laptop. These are some insights I had during that process.

Help complete your IT interview 

Once you’ve ordered a new computer, a team member will call you to ask questions about your current computer, which programs are most important to you and what you have stored on it. This interview is critical to easing your transition to a new computer. By participating in this interview process, you can help us deliver a computer experience that is familiar and that you will enjoy.

Make time for your computer transition.

At a minimum, allow at least an hour for an IT Solutions Specialist to transition you from the old computer to a new one. Depending on the number of files and programs you have, this time may vary. Work with your IT Solutions Specialist or the Client Services Coordinator to set a time that works for your schedule.

Get to know your new computer.

It is new! It has the latest bells and whistles. In some cases, the operating system or software versions may have changed some. Take time to walk through the programs to see what is different and what you can learn. Some of the fresh features may be very helpful to you.

Some settings will not replicate on a new computer.

Even knowing the exact configuration of your old computer, some settings, such as the Outlook interface, may not copy over to the new machine. Be ready to reset a few functions as you work with your computer the first few times.

Talk to your IT Solutions Specialist

If an FDS team member is delivering your computer, take a few minutes to check the features that are most important to you while our team member is onsite. They can help you reset your Outlook interface or locate the directory you most use. Or, if you are picking up the computer, request a convenient time to remotely work with an IT Solutions Specialist to help you identify and update special settings or functions.

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