Yes! You Should Replace the Out-of-Warranty Computer

Yes! You Should Replace the Out-of-Warranty Computer

By: Page W. Moon, CIO, Focus Data Solutions

One of the most common questions IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are asked, is “Do I need to replace my computer that is out of warranty.”

As an MSP, our recommendation is, yes, if it is financially feasible. To help understand why this is our recommendation, let’s walk through what a standard computer warranty accomplishes.

Most professional grade computers are sold with a one, two- or three-year warranty that covers hardware issues that were not caused by the computer owner. This means most will cover bad keyboards, monitor issues, modem problem or malfunction of internal components. These warranties often address the parts and labor to repair the computer. Manufacturers are required to keep parts in stock and ready to address the potential warranty repair.

When a computer goes out of warranty, these protections are null and void. Manufactures are no longer required to keep replacement parts in stock, so if a component fails, you may receive a part that is not made for your specific system. The computer may not function optimally, and your productivity may be affected. Secondly, if a system piece fails, it will be your responsibility to pay for any parts and repair required.

Replacing major components, such as the motherboard or monitor, could cost up to half of the cost of a new computer without a warranty. Under warranty, these costs are covered. Before getting into this situation, which could cost as much as a new computer, we recommend replacing the computer.

While planning your IT budget, take time to work with your IT vendor to review you IT asset inventory and assess which computer may nearing the end of their warranties. This type of review can help you plan for replacements with the least disruption to your business and your financial plan.p your service request to move forward.

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