IT Service Management Checklist for 2023

Your End-Year IT Service Management Checklist for Small and Medium Businesses


As the year draws to a close, it’s crucial for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to assess and optimize their IT infrastructure. Effective IT service management ensures security, productivity, and future growth. To help you wrap up 2023 on a high note, the Focus Data Solutions team has compiled a comprehensive End-Year IT Service Management Checklist for SMBs. If you’re one of our clients we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you! 


  1. Security Audit:
    • Review and update cybersecurity policies.
    • Conduct a thorough security audit to identify vulnerabilities.
    • Ensure all software and systems are up to date with the latest security patches.
    • Educate employees about cybersecurity best practices.


  1. Data Backup and Recovery:
    • Verify the effectiveness of your data backup systems.
    • Conduct a test restoration to ensure data can be recovered in case of an emergency.
    • Update backup protocols based on any changes in business operations or data volume.


  1. Hardware and Software Inventory:
    • Take stock of all hardware and software assets.
    • Identify outdated equipment or software that needs replacement or upgrade.
    • Plan for the disposal of obsolete technology in an environmentally friendly manner.


  1. Cloud Service Evaluation:
    • Assess the performance and cost-effectiveness of your current cloud services.
    • Consider scaling up or down based on your business needs.
    • Ensure that data stored in the cloud is adequately protected and compliant with regulations.


  1. Employee Training and Awareness:
    • Provide refresher training on IT security practices for employees.
    • Educate staff on new technologies or software that will be implemented in the coming year.
    • Foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness training to minimize human error.


  1. Budget Review and Planning:
    • Evaluate your IT budget for the current year.
    • Identify areas where funds were over or underutilized.
    • Develop a realistic IT budget for the upcoming year based on business goals and IT requirements.


  1. Compliance Check:
    • Ensure that your business is compliant with relevant industry regulations.
    • Update privacy policies and terms of service if necessary.
    • Verify that your IT practices align with any new compliance standards.


  1. Disaster Recovery Planning:
    • Review and update your disaster recovery plan.
    • Test the plan to ensure a swift response in case of a data breach or system failure.
    • Communicate the plan to relevant stakeholders.


  1. IT Help Desk and Support:
    • Assess the performance of your IT help desk.
    • Review customer feedback and make necessary improvements.
    • Ensure that support personnel are adequately trained for emerging technologies.


  1. Future Planning:
    • Evaluate emerging technologies that could benefit your business.
    • Consider the feasibility of adopting new tools, such as AI, automation, or advanced analytics.
    • Develop a roadmap for IT initiatives in the coming year.


Working through this End Year IT Service Management checklist will help you to prioritize cybersecurity, stay compliant, and optimize your IT infrastructure to enhance your business’s efficiency and contribute to its long-term growth. As you bid farewell to the current year, ensure that your IT strategy is well-positioned to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. If you would like help preparing for 2024, the Focus Data Solutions team is ready to guide you forward. Contact us via our website at